Shipment Status by Email
This service allows you to email details of up to 40 air waybill numbers on any CPS carrier and receive an email with the current status of each shipment.
Just send an Email to the following address:
Please be sure that your email is sent as "Plain Text". Processing will not work if formatted as HTML or RTF. Please also leave out signatures or other attachments.
In order to have your request processed, the following conditions must be met:
  • Each air waybill is in the format: PPPaYYYYYYYYc
    • PPP is the carrier's 3-digit prefix.
    • a is an optional divider character, either '/', '\', or '-'.
    • YYYYYYYY is the air waybill number.
    • c is the optional 'X' character.
  • The email must be in one of the following formats:
    • One air waybill is put in the subject line only (single request).
    • No subject, and up to forty (40) air waybills are put in the message body, one AWB per line.